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Northern Territory (NT)


Company Name: Reece Plumbing Grafton

Name: Rick

State: Northern Territory (NT)

Serviceable Area: Grafton

Ph: 2664 354 40

Email: rick.duff@reece.com.au

Post code: 2460

Queensland (QLD)


Company Name: Reece Plumbing Kempsey

Name: Lachlan

State: Queensland (QLD)

Serviceable Area: Kempsey and Surrounds

Ph: 2656 318 88

Email: lachlan.carpenter@reece.com.au

Post code: 2440

Company Name: huvala.co

Company Address: Queensland bank street 154

Name: test

State: Queensland (QLD)

Serviceable Area: paclo streets

Ph: 9876 543 21

Email: admin@gmail.com

Post code: 150065

Website: https://remedialmembranes.com.au




Company Name: Tile Merchants

Name: Paul

State: Select

Serviceable Area: Virginia and Surrounds

Ph: 0738 655 373

Email: paul@tilemerchants.com.au

Post code: 4014

Website: http://www.tilemerchants.com.au

National Distributor

All products can be purchased through any Reece store but only Reece Stores individually listed hold stock of the product. To purchase the membrane through a Reece store near you please provide the following codes to make the purchase effortless:

Item                                       Code

Shower Tray Kit                4602957

Small Balcony Kit             4602959

Large Balcony Kit             4602958