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Leaky Showers: An Easy Fix

Waterproofing: Quick and Easy Repairs

Follow our expertly put together easy DIY leaky shower repair steps and have a leak free shower for a fraction of the cost of using a contractor.

Remedial Membrane is a Clear Waterproofing Membrane (CWM) which allows DIY leaking shower repair within a 24hr period. Plus, if you decide you want an even easier day just give us a call and we will do the entire job for as little as $600 AUD+GST

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Choose Us and Relax

As one of the most used spaces in your home — with high amounts of daily traffic — showers will move. So, to ensure your leaky shower problem doesn’t come back, you need to think of leaky shower repair with a product that is flexible.

Designed to Move

The movement design of our Clear Waterproofing Membrane ensures that water damage won’t come back*. Our competitors — namely Epoxy and Sealant — may well carry massive 10 – 25 year warranties, but being rigid their warranty does not cover movement. If it doesn’t move, you’ll be back to leaks, stains and damage before you know it. So don’t take the risk, install Remedial membranes for worry free, leak free, showers.

The Remedial Membrane Shower Kit: Amazing Value

For DIY leaking shower repair, our Shower Tray Kit at an incredibly priced $149+gst comes complete with:

• 500ml Clear Waterproofing Membrane Part 1
• 125ml Clear Waterproofing Membrane Part 2
• Soudal Joint Adhesive
• Paint Brush
• (does not include postage or GST)

Hot water? No problem

Internal applications need to endure being constantly wet. They also need to withstand being hit with both cold and hot water. An average family might see the shower used over 8 times a day in the summer. And that’s why Clear Waterproofing Membrane (CWM) has been engineered not to blush or whiten. Even when exposed to heavy use with both cold and hot water there’s no change. So, no matter how often the family piles into the shower to get clean or freshen up, the aesthetics of your chosen colour scheme or decor will stay the same.

Is it rigid like epoxy grout, will it crack with movement?

Homes are built to move, as it helps them adjust to foundation drying, strong winds, and heat. However, problems can occur when a rigid product does not provide the same flexibility as the surrounding materials. This is when cracks appear, and even the smallest defect in the membrane can result in large and costly amounts of damage. But with the leaky shower repair solution at CWM, you can relax, because it’s a clear flexible membrane that sits on top of the existing surface and is guaranteed to flex with movement, so preventing future worries and leaks.

What about mould?

Shower areas — typically being more or less constantly wet — are usually not exposed to direct sunlight. A fact that obviously helps mould growth. Clear Waterproofing Solution; however, includes an anti-mould and anti-fungal additive similar to silicone that helps stop unsightly growth.

Our leaking shower repair product comes in an easy to use and move 500ml pail, which is perfect for a single standard shower, allowing for a durable film of 500micron (.5mm).

*Although everyone can purchase the product please be advised that it is only warranted if installed by an Accredited Installer who has completed our training program.

Any questions? Please contact us, we are always here to help.

More Proof of Excellence

Remedial Membranes is the only product on the Australian market that comes with a warranty that guarantees effective leaky shower repair solution for a leak free future regardless of movement.*

Safe and Revolutionary

Another very important factor that needs to be taken into account when applying waterproofing is the safety of the product and your health, the homeowner. Clear Waterproofing Membrane (CWM) is a hybrid water based waterproofing membrane (not a sealant) which is made up of 2 parts: CWM Part 1 (approx. 90% of the total mix) is a water based waterproofing membrane. CWM Part 2, an adhesion promoter. When combined they produce a low impact product that once cured is completely odour free. There’s only word to describe this: Revolutionary. Sealants, membranes and others usually, “stink to high heaven”, which means harmful chemicals are in the air, and being breathed in by you, your family and pets. Not with CWM.


Is it possible to fix a leaky shower base without removing the tiles?

The simple answer is yes. If you need leaking shower repair, then you can follow our easy instruction guide or, by using one of our Accredited Installers, secure the longest warranty in the industry that includes movement.

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