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Clear Waterproofing Membrane for internal and external use on top of existing surfaces
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Clear Waterproofing Membrane for internal and external use on top of existing surfaces
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Remedial Membranes: Leading the way in wet area repairs.

Welcome to Remedial Membranes, home of the internal and external Clear Waterproofing Membrane for use on existing surfaces. No need for rip outs, long messy refurbs, or weeks of inconvenience. It is a flexible membrane waterproofing system. Just prepare and clean the area, allow to dry, apply the membrane, and it’s done.

Also, any projects installed by Remedial Membranes accredited installers come with the longest warranty in the industry — even covering future movement* — ensuring your residence is protected from the effects of water damage for years to come.

Founded by experienced tilers and waterproofers, our experts developed a world-class clear and flexible waterproofing membrane for the following reasons:

The Complete Solution

Remedial Membranes is a company that has dedicated itself to developing an affordable, easy to apply range of products that offers a complete solution to all of your wet area repair needs.

Our Clear Waterproofing Membrane is a clear trafficable overlay that holds up to everyday use, be that extensive footfall, wear-and-tear on active surfaces, or furniture being moved around. And being a continuous cover there isn’t a crack, joint, or gap left open to the elements, a fact that not only prevents damage to concrete and wood, but allows for real easy maintenance when you either wipe-clean or hose your surfaces down.

Easily applied straight on top of existing materials to make the area completely watertight — leaving the original surface’s appearance unchanged — it is the perfect answer to wet areas experiencing leaks. Plus, why rip up perfectly good tiles to get access to a failed membrane when you can simply apply over tile waterproofing membrane on top?

When balconies start to leak, homeowners have the choice of either opting for a repair or a full rip out — and thus the complete removal of an existing balcony. Repair options like epoxy (grouts) and sealers only carry limited warranties that do not cover movement. So with clear waterproofing membrane for balcony, homeowners can soon find themselves, not only out of pocket, but right back at square one.

But by using the complete solution Clear Waterproofing Membrane, you save yourself time and money and the disappointment of seeing a once well-designed balcony become a mess, or even worse, a complete right off.

A New Level of Innovation

Remedial Membrane’s level of innovation now allows you to use materials that tradespeople and experts would previously say were basically impossible to use in wet areas.

Well, not any more. Want to use wallpaper? No problem. That’s how truly ground-breaking and pioneering our products are.

Imagine being able to use any number of materials in your bathroom. Consider the possibility of beautiful oak floors, or the freedom to use wallpaper and change it every year as your aesthetic preference changes. Well, now you need not simply imagine, because with our remedial waterproofing dreams become reality.

Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membrane provides solutions of balcony waterproofing without removing tiles with endless opportunities. It can easily be applied to compatible surfaces and therefore completely waterproof materials that shouldn’t in a bathroom but now are. Clear Waterproofing Membranes is only limited by your imagination. So let it run wild.

Affordable and Flexible

Aware of your demanding work schedules and busy home life, we provide waterproofing membrane for tile with total-flexibility in order to seamlessly repair your waterproofing issues, and always at an affordable price.

Easy to Use Quality

Our product provides a seamless membrane that goes over the top of existing tiles to waterproof areas at a comparative repair rate in minimal time, backed up with guarantees that it will not leak with future movement.*

It terms of clear waterproofing membrane over tiles, total costs of a supply only package — DIY installation — comes in at less than 8% of a rip up and remove.

A supply and install — by one of our accredited installers — comes in at approx 25–30% of the cost to rip up and remove.

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Our labelling takes a no thrills approach for three reasons. One, it makes them super clear and easy to read.  Two, it keeps down costs for you, the consumer, and three, our Green Aware policy sees us strive to minimise waste throughout our business model and our exclusive labelling uses 80% less ink than full colour ones.