DR Projects

David Roberts
Installer/Distributor Name: David Roberts
Company Address: 26 Truro Parade, Padstow NSW 2211
Phone Number: 0418 205 694
State: NSW
Email: david@drprojects.com.au
Website: https://remedialwaterproofingassociation.com.au/installers/dr-projects/

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  1. Brad Linn says:

    Dave went above and beyond… Attention to detail

    In the recent storms to hit Sydney, we had water coming through from the upstairs balcony.

    I had no idea where the water was coming from exactly but assumed that it was coming from the sliding doors upstairs.

    I did some research and found Remedial Membranes, which is where I found Dave Roberts.

    Dave’s attention to detail was first class.

    He actually found where the water was getting in and there’s no way I would have found it.

    Dave went the extra step of patching up the gap – which was two thirds the length of my 17 square metre balcony!! Not a small task!!

    Dave also used the Remedial Membrane solution and I couldn’t be happier. I now can rest easy the next time we get a storm.

    I don’t have any before pics to show the difference but I have attached the after pics.

  2. Excellent Work

    Hi, I just wanted to advise you that David Roberts has completed an excellent repair to our balcony at Lane Cove using your product and would recommend his work to anyone interested in applying a remedial membrane.

    Cheers Brent McLauchlan.

  3. Very thorough!

    DR Projects recently completed a waterproofing job on a balcony and wall area of our home. We would recommend DR Projects as the work was performed thoroughly and timely and we are completely satisfied with the finished result.

    Janis and Bob Wood

  4. Experienced and Skilled

    Our home has a large upstairs tiled terrace sitting over a lounge living area which had experienced water leakage through the concrete slab.

    Our longstanding painter and maintenance contractor Dave Roberts of DR Projects is our go-to man when we have a problem and after his considered analysis and fault finding Dave recommended we initiate a repair using Remedial Membranes clear waterproofing membrane. The main benefit of this course of action were that the costly Italian ceramic tiles which were in good condition could remain in place and that it avoided the expense and considerable mess of tile removal and either running the risk of a less than a satisfactory match with new tiles or removing all the tiles and retiling the whole terrace which in both scenarios would have resulted in an unwelcome imposition over a prolonged period of time.

    As the Remedial Membranes website emphasizes, cleaning and exacting preparation prior to application is key to attaining a satisfactory outcome and from previous experience, I had great faith in Dave’s abilities in this regard as his success over many years as a painter were dependent on these skills.

    Dave and his team lived up to expectations despite it being a challenging job which required the relocation of several large concrete planter boxes weighing about a tonne each – a massive undertaking of itself which required a pallet jack to be carried up to the second floor. Scrupulous cleaning, re-grouting and silicone sealing as required were carried out prior to membrane application and follow up coating (a week later) before the concrete pots were returned to position and testing carried out to prove the veracity of the repair.

    I thoroughly endorse the use of the Remedial Membranes product in a situation such as this but I would not in a million years recommend that it be applied by anyone other than a skilled, experienced and suitably credentialed professional such as Dave Roberts who I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending – he is like a bulldog and will not let go of a problem until he has it licked.

    Oatley NSW

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