Remedial Membranes: Our Vision

Limitless Design at Affordable Prices

Remedial Membranes consists of a professional group of experienced tilers and waterproofers. Experts who — after years in the industry — recognised that existing solutions for waterproofing were simply not up to scratch.

So, determined to deliver a solution for homeowners — who, just like themselves, want to protect their biggest asset — they developed a world-class waterproofing system: Remedial Membranes.

Our Mission

Our mission to find the very best in waterproofing took us round the globe, and only after rigorous testing — and a lot of hard work — did we finally develop a product we were happy to stand behind and actually use on our own properties. It really is amazing, as it not only protects like no other waterproofing, but it actually revolutionises the types of materials you can use in wet areas.

Reduced Costs | Limitless Design

Think about your bath or shower room. Due to constant moisture exposure, they are a drain on resources when fighting to keep them looking spick and span. Quickly losing their sheen, they can even become a bit grim due to mould growth, dark patches, and washed out colours due to UV light.

But what if you could completely waterproof — and thus protect — any and all materials? Waterproof them to the extent that they stay as new looking as when they were first installed? The reduction in renovation costs alone would be enough to make anyone happy, because, not only does Remedial Membrane enable a longer life for the original installation, but it also allows you the freedom to use the materials you want. Safe in the knowledge that they won’t discolour, rot, or lose their look. In fact, Remedial Membranes’ waterproofing essentially makes your material choice limitless. And who doesn’t want that?

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