Tile Free Bathroom

Tile Free Bathrooms.... the impossible is now possible!

Want more flexibility with where you put your wallpaper?

Are you tired of the same old tiles in your home? Are you yearning for something unique that truly reflects your personality? Look no further, because with the revolutionary Clear Waterproofing Membrane, you can transform your ensuite into a true reflection of your individuality.

Gone are the days of being restricted to tiles. Now, you have the freedom to choose almost anything you desire for your bathroom, while ensuring it remains fully waterproof. Imagine having wallpaper adorning your walls without any worries. Envision cement sheets that mimic the rugged beauty of concrete, creating a stunning backdrop. Even an exposed brick shower recess is no longer a challenge. And if you’ve ever dreamed of a seamless concrete floor flowing from your home into your shower, it’s now a reality.

In fact, our team is here to support you in bringing any idea to life by providing expert guidance on waterproofing. With the shackles of design limitations removed, the possibilities are endless. So, what will you do now that the boundaries have been shattered? Unleash your imagination and let us turn your vision into a breathtaking reality.


Clear Waterproofing Membrane is a two part waterproofing system and for vertical wallpapered applications a 1:5 ratio is suggested (Part2:Part1). For instance 500ml Part 1 would require 100ml of Part 2, Part 2 is an adhesion promoter which increases the membrane thickness for ease of application to reduce visible runs in the product.

On vertical surfaces, only a thin coat of the membrane is required. A good estimate would be 4m2 for every 1ltr of Part 1 (which also includes 500ml Part 2)

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Read installation guides for different applications and watch 20+ DIY videos to make installing the application easy enough to DIY.

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What People Are Saying About Remedial Membranes


“Thank you to Jasmine of Remedial Membranes for her work in rectifying the leak caused by the gradual wearing of the waterproofing in our bathroom. The application of the membrane has saved us a huge headache and thousands of dollars! We highly recommend this form of waterproofing.”

Ang S
Coffs Harbour, N.S.W

“I recently had a failed waterproofing membrane under a tiled balcony. This resulted in substantial leakage and major damage to my ceiling…A clear waterproofing membrane from Remedial membranes was applied over the existing tiles. I found them professional, on time, and did an excellent job. Our balcony has not leaked despite substantial rain since the repair.

Steven K

“Great Business to deal with. Keep you updated and in the picture. Had no issues at all. Great product – does the job and finish is good. We had our steps and front Patio done. Impressive ! Would recommend product & Supplier with no hesitation.”

Alan C
Coffs Harbour, N.S.W

“I contacted Remedial Membranes after we sold our house but one of the conditions of the sale was the showers to be repaired. We didn’t have any spare tiles and the new owners did not want the look to change so the idea of putting a clear membrane over the surface was a perfect solution to everyone involved. The job was done in 1 morning and the sale went through. Highly recommend Remedial Membranes. Their ability to work to a deadline was fundamental for the success!”

Julie M S.

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