Clear Slip Resistant Coating

Are Your Surfaces Slippery When Exposed To The Weather?

Sometimes surfaces are not designed to be slip resistant in line with environmental requirements for reducing liability. We can help!
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Create a Slip Resistant Surface with a Clear Coating.

Experience the convenience of enhancing slip resistance without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your existing tiles. Introducing our revolutionary Clear Slip Resistant Coating, designed to provide a reliable solution for a variety of spaces including foyers, stairs, common areas, and both internal and external surfaces.

To cater to your specific needs, we offer Clear Slip Resistant Coating kits that can be easily ordered and applied. Our 4L kit ensures extensive coverage of up to 24m2 with a single coat application. During the ordering process, you have the flexibility to select your desired slip resistance rating, tailoring the coating to your exact requirements. For larger areas, our 10L kit extends the coverage to an impressive 60m2, guaranteeing a comprehensive solution for slip resistance. Once again, you have the freedom to choose the slip resistance rating that suits your preferences at the checkout stage.

With our Clear Slip Resistant Coating, you can confidently create a safer environment while maintaining the visual allure of your tiles. Don’t compromise on style or safety when you can have both with our innovative coating solution.

Choose from our options:

Slip Resistant Rating

  • P3 – Standard: This option is usable in all areas. It is the perfect combination of easy to clean and slip resistant surface treatment. P3 rating requires 10ml or ½ Teaspoon of Standard Aggregate A per m2. If you are applying the Clear Slip Resistant Coating to a tile that is not smooth then please upgrade to P4 to achieve the same finish as the liquid membrane is self-levelling and will level out, reducing the slip rating.
  • P4 – Medium: Harder to clean but with increased slip resistance. 20ml or 1 tablespoon of Standard Aggregate A per m2 because of the increased aggregate can leave a cloudy appearance. It is recommended for us on light to medium colour tiles.
  • P5 – High or V/High: Suitable for external surfaces with a high slip resistance. The aggregate is visible in sunlight. Usable on most coloured surfaces, including tiles.  20ml or 1 tablespoon of Aggregate B per m2. Ideal for surfaces of any colour and texture.

Due to increased aggregate, the coating can appear slightly cloudy. We recommend it for light to medium colour tiles.

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4L slip resistant

4L Slip Resistant Kit

Suitable for internal and external surfaces

10L slip-resistant Clear Waterproofing Membrane Kit

10L Slip Resistant Kit

Suitable for internal and external surfaces

Available with P3, P4 or P5 slip resistance rating.

Wet Pendulum Test Method completed by NATA Accredited laboratory. Please request copies if required.

Samples were completed on a smooth surface. If your surface is already in all applications the suggested aggregated is mixed into the liquid and applied as normal with continuous mixing necessary to keep the aggregate from settling.

If you are a company you have the ability to request a presentation folder of tiles samples to feel the textural difference between the aggregates.

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What People Are Saying About Remedial Membranes


“Thank you to Jasmine of Remedial Membranes for her work in rectifying the leak caused by the gradual wearing of the waterproofing in our bathroom. The application of the membrane has saved us a huge headache and thousands of dollars! We highly recommend this form of waterproofing.”

Ang S
Coffs Harbour, N.S.W

“I recently had a failed waterproofing membrane under a tiled balcony. This resulted in substantial leakage and major damage to my ceiling…A clear waterproofing membrane from Remedial membranes was applied over the existing tiles. I found them professional, on time, and did an excellent job. Our balcony has not leaked despite substantial rain since the repair.

Steven K

“Great Business to deal with. Keep you updated and in the picture. Had no issues at all. Great product – does the job and finish is good. We had our steps and front Patio done. Impressive ! Would recommend product & Supplier with no hesitation.”

Alan C
Coffs Harbour, N.S.W

“I contacted Remedial Membranes after we sold our house but one of the conditions of the sale was the showers to be repaired. We didn’t have any spare tiles and the new owners did not want the look to change so the idea of putting a clear membrane over the surface was a perfect solution to everyone involved. The job was done in 1 morning and the sale went through. Highly recommend Remedial Membranes. Their ability to work to a deadline was fundamental for the success!”

Julie M S.