Waterproofing Concrete Internal

This page contains over 100 images showing the before, during and after application status. Please allow the page some time to load, we have included descriptions on how we achieved the completed project, so you can glean how to Do It Yourself.

Remedial Membranes’ Clear Waterproofing Membranes can to be used on both Internal and External Tiles. When applied to gloss tiles it is very difficult to see where the membrane has been applied to, but when applied to matt finish tiles it brings out the colour in the tile a little more like a wet look. If you are interested in getting a sample application performed, contact us on info@remedialmembranes.com.au

Concrete Floors

Do you have asthma or young children and need an inexpensive way of making your floor easy to clean whilst looking fantastic? First the old Lino and carpet was removed. Then the lino glue was ground down and some drummy concrete was repaired. The concrete that was exposed was not in a condition to be exposed, so we use the cementitious self leveller with the CWM Sealer, then installed the Clear Waterproofing Membrane with gloss finish. 

Concrete Bathroom

The owners of this bathroom loved the look of concrete. The walls EasyLap™ Panels were fixed to the walls and bath recess to create a flawless concrete look with stone floor imitation.

How to create a concrete look over tiles (but without removing them)

Do you have tiles in your house and feel that you would like a change, or they might even be a dated colour? Have you considered polished concrete, but don’t want to go through the hassle of ripping up the tiles to only damage the slab? Here is your answer:

Prime the tiles, apply cementitious self leveller over tiles (do the whole area in one application to ensure constant colour without strong variation), followed by CWM Sealer and Clear Waterproof Membrane.

Tiled areas may need two coats to remove the look of grout joints, but if the joints were treated first then one coat should suffice. We particularly like the textured look, so if you also like this look, sand the swirls a little to bring more attention to them prior to applying the sealer and membrane.