Do you have a Leaky Balcony, but it still looks good?

and you don't want to pay tens of thousands to rip it up?!
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Our Clear Waterproofing Membrane

If this sounds familiar...

You’re not alone.

There are thousands of people all over the world with a leaky balcony who knows it doesn’t make sense to rip up perfectly good tiles to reach and repair a failed balcony/deck membrane.

Luckily now you don’t have to, you can waterproof OVER the tiles!

By using our Clear Waterproofing Membrane which is a 2-part aliphatic polyurethane. It’s similar to the waterproofing membrane below your tiles, except it’s clear, able to be walked on and installed by applying the waterproofing over the tiles and has a slip resistant finish.

Clear Waterproofing Membrane comes in Gloss, Satin or Matte Finish so you can install the same finish as the tiles you currently have and make it difficult to see the difference.

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Compare using our Clear Waterproofing Membrane to the cost of repairing the water damage caused by the leak, and the cost of balcony leak/deck leak repair with Clear Waterproofing Membrane is insignificant.

The Clear Waterproofing Membrane is an over tile waterproofing membrane that’s applied to your leaky balcony on the top of the tiles. Providing a transparent waterproofing membrane that does not change the look of the original area whilst being watertight!

It’s also flexible for additional movement on your balcony over time, so it not only fixes your leaky balcony, but also protects your balcony from future leaks. It’s been specifically designed for the repair of your internal and external wet areas.

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Reparing Leaking Balcony Issues

The cause of leaking balconies can vary from one to another. At Remedial Membranes, we offer the only remedial waterproofing application that comes with a warranty that includes movement and is cost effective.  The majority of balcony leaks occur due to movement , the age of the  membrane and to a lesser degree poor workmanship. Whatever the issue is, we offer professional leaking balcony repairs with a topical membrane that does not change the appearance of the existing surface..

Our Clear Waterproofing Membrane comes with  a 100% money back guaranteed and we are supported by Accredited Installers who are licensed/experience tradesman trained on the product for installation if you choose to not do it yourself. The Clear Waterproofing Membrane is installed according to your balconies specific needs. We have specialized in the following leaking balcony repairs!

  • Balcony coating, tiling, and sealing
  • Remedial Waterproofing membrane application
  • Leaky deck repair
  • Leaky balcony repair
  • Leaky terrace repair
  • Leaky roof top repair
  • Leaking verandah repair
  • Slip Resistant Coatings
  • Waterproofing terrace tiles

Why Choose our Leaky Balcony Repair Services?

Remedial Membranes is your trusted partner for reliable leaking balcony repair, leaking deck repair, and waterproofing terrace tiles services. Whether you have a tiled balcony or any other type, we can resolve all sorts of issues quickly and provide efficient leaking deck repair and leaking balcony repair solutions accordingly. We have also proven experience and excellence in leaking rooftop repair, leaking verandah repair and, leaking terrace repair. However, you can get your issue resolved perfectly by consulting our professionals. The following aspects make us the leading choice!

  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Vast experience
  • Professional and skilled Accredited Installers
  • Cost-effective solution for repair of leaky balconies
  • Time efficient rectification, no big messy clean up with no demolished building mateirals tracking in and out of your family home.

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Real Results from Our Happy Customers

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In this section you will find a variety of questions asked by home owners and tradespersons about our products; we are continuously adding to this page so the answers to your questions will more than likely be found here. If your question remains unanswered please email us at

There are different steps in your repair; firstly, it’s the clean and prepare the surface which includes re-grouting if grout is missing, cutting in expansion joints and replacing popped tiles. Then it needs to dry and if you surface is in full sun and you live in a tropical climate than it can be dry in around 2 days. The actually application depending on the size of your area can be done in a single day. But if you have a timber frame, or stone tiles which required additional assistance then it could take more than one day. Depending on your size the process itself could be complete in 2 days but it might have drying days in-between.

yes, the instructions have video references for additional information and are described as detailed not difficult. You can find the install guides if you select Application on the menu options and select which application you are looking for. There will be a video on the top of the page direct below will be the install guide.

select your mouse of the Contact menu option, select installer on the dropdown menu, enter postcode when prompted and contact some of your local installers to get a quote. Most will be able to ask you questions over the phone and provide a phone quote for you. If there are no installers in your area you can request your local contactor to do the online training course or Do-It-Yourself.

Yes, the membrane is fine with salt water and has been installed on many balconies only meters away from the sea.

Like 95% of other waterproof membrane Clear Waterproofing Membrane is a positive membrane which protect the surface from the rain and the hose but not from rising damp. Rising damp is usually a requirement of preventing water sitting against porous building materials. In areas where that is not possible you should be looking for using epoxy

No, Clear Waterproofing Membrane will blush or appear milky in ponding water over time so we recommend that it is only installed on surfaces with fall.

External areas are generally subject to UV and as such are not really subject to too many issues with mold.

There are reduced pores for dirt to sit in so it will be easier to clean a clean once a week with white vinegar will be sufficient.

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Send in images of your project and we will provide you specific product ordering and installation advice for before, during and after your DIY installation.

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Guides & Videos

Read installation guides for different applications and watch 20+ DIY videos to make installing the application easy enough to DIY.
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Accredited Installers

Don’t want to install it yourself? No problem! Contact one of our Accredited Installers that we have nationwide and get a quote, or your contractor can get trained and they install it for you!

What People Are Saying About Remedial Membranes


“Thank you to Jasmine of Remedial Membranes for her work in rectifying the leak caused by the gradual wearing of the waterproofing in our bathroom. The application of the membrane has saved us a huge headache and thousands of dollars! We highly recommend this form of waterproofing.”

Ang S
Coffs Harbour, N.S.W

“I recently had a failed waterproofing membrane under a tiled balcony. This resulted in substantial leakage and major damage to my ceiling…A clear waterproofing membrane from Remedial membranes was applied over the existing tiles. I found them professional, on time, and did an excellent job. Our balcony has not leaked despite substantial rain since the repair.

Steven K

“Great Business to deal with. Keep you updated and in the picture. Had no issues at all. Great product – does the job and finish is good. We had our steps and front Patio done. Impressive ! Would recommend product & Supplier with no hesitation.”

Alan C
Coffs Harbour, N.S.W

“I contacted Remedial Membranes after we sold our house but one of the conditions of the sale was the showers to be repaired. We didn’t have any spare tiles and the new owners did not want the look to change so the idea of putting a clear membrane over the surface was a perfect solution to everyone involved. The job was done in 1 morning and the sale went through. Highly recommend Remedial Membranes. Their ability to work to a deadline was fundamental for the success!”

Julie M S.

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Clear Waterproofing Membrane Fixes Leaks AND Prevents Future Leaks

Why do leaky balconies occur anyway?

Most leaks occur due to movement in the substrate. As the membrane is in the middle of the construction configuration it is impossible to access it for repair. Ongoing movement is expected in the substrate, especially on a timber frame, so the only way to repair a leaky balcony is with a flexible membrane.

With a clear membrane installed on top, it’s easier to identify leaks and to patch repair. It’s estimated that the cost of DIY installation of our Clear Waterproofing Membrane costs LESS THAN 10% of the cost it would be to replace the damaged membrane under the tiles!

See how our product compares to others below…


Epoxy and Sealer are rigid, and they provide no warranty for movement (which is what creates leaks). These products are not suitable to use for repair.

Protect Your Biggest Asset

No mismatched tiles, long waits, or expensive rip outs – just beautiful, lasting results. Go ahead and try it for yourself today! We can’t wait to see the results.

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