Tile free bathrooms

This page contains over 100 images of before, during and after application. Please allow the page some time to open, we have tried to include how we achieved the completed project, so you can glean how to Do It Yourself.

Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membranes can be used on both Internal and External Tiles. When applied to gloss tiles, it is hard to tell, where the membrane has been applied to. But when applied to matt finish tiles it brings out the colour in the tile a little more like a wet look. If you are interested in getting a sample application performed, contact us at info@remedialmembranes.com.au

Blue Bathroom

In a very white home, the owners wanted a mood changing bathroom and came up with the idea of a blue bathroom. Depending on the light, it almost looks black. The bathroom has a textured concrete floor with cement sheeting on the walls. The vanity was an antique cupboard, reclaimed and detailed. With of course Clear Waterproofing Membrane covers everything! 

Exposed Brick Bathroom

Do you love brick? Ever thought to install it in your shower? I bet you didn’t, but now with the Clear Waterproofing Membrane you can make the shower recess waterproof, even if it is just bricks. 

Here, the mortar was made flush with the bricks, for easier waterproofing the whole surface. The naturally uneven surface and bricks first required two coats of sealer, followed by two coats of membrane using both a paint brush and a roller.

Bathroom on a budget

The owners gave us an outline: Do this bathroom on the tightest budget you can! With textured concrete floors, grooved cement sheeting feature walls and a repurposed cabinet, this bathroom met their expectations – and of course we covered everything with Clear Waterproofing Membrane!

Wallpaper over bath

The owner had seen an image online and wanted to recreate it in her bathroom. The feature wall comprises mostly wallpaper with a mirror frame overlay. Floors were textured concrete, and cement sheeting covers the remainder of the walls. All waterproofed with the Clear Waterproof Membrane.

Green Wallpaper Shower Room

The owner hated tiles and dreamt about a bathroom without the usual design limitations. The only room however for a bathroom was in a laundry cupboard. The existing drainage meant that the shower could be installed, and the bathroom was better than could be expected. The bathroom comprised of cement sheeting walls with wallpaper feature in the shower recess and textured concrete floors.

Wallpaper Kids Bathroom