High Rise Facades

What can be done when your high rise starts leaking through the walls? It is not as simple as on a single story dwelling. At a single story house you may remove the cladding and find the issue, but at a high rise inspecting the outside of the building requires really, really long ropes.

Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membranes can to be used on both internal and external tiles on horizontal and vertical surfaces. If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us; info@remedialmembranes.com.au

Philippines Tallest High Rise

The Philippines are in an area prone to earthquakes. They build accordingly, but occasionally a big one occurs and cracks the external concrete panels.

What can you do, if you have invisible cracks in concrete panels covered with tiles? You waterproof the complete external facade with a clear waterproofing membrane.  It does not change the look of the building while making it water tight. Discovery Primea organized on-site training of their maintenance workers to repair the leaks in their vertical facades.

Sydney's Memcorp Building

Memcorp in Sydney was used as set of the Batman movie and is famous now. The block is even listed as Heritage, protected against change. Unfortunately, Memcorp noticed water ingress in the facade. They knew, they were not allowed to change the original look and asked Remedial Membranes for help. We installed the Clear Waterproofing Membrane to the external facade, making it waterproof without changing the look.