Clear Waterproofing Membrane for Architects

Don't Limit Your Designs of Balconies and Bathrooms to Tile

For too long now, the artist inside each Architect has been stifled because their design ability has been restricted to choose tiles for wet areas. Let your inner artist take center stage with Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membrane!

Clear Waterproofing Membrane was initially designed for the repair of leaky wet areas, such as showers and balconies; but because of the high-quality membrane, we went on to repair enormous rooftops such as Manila’s tallest high rise. This building had been affected by an earthquake and was taking on water through its external walls.

Now we’re taking the design market by storm and allowing any product imaginable in wet areas. Imagine being able to use wallpaper, exposed brick, painted murals… even concrete floors are now possible in wet areas.

Whatever you imagine is now possible in wet areas!

Customers can run their concrete floor at one height, and one pour throughout their whole home and waterproof on top of the concrete. Imagine the cost savings of not needing to apply topping and tiles on external balconies! Simply pour the concrete with fall and apply the membrane to the surface.

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Amazing Tile-Free Bathroom Designs


Waterproofed wallpaper walls and concrete floor


Waterproofed green wallpaper and grooved cement sheeting painted white


Waterproofing cement sheeting to create a concrete look


Waterproofed exposed red brick, groves cement sheet, concrete floor & wooden vanity top


Waterproofed concrete floor, timber vanity top, painted skirting


Waterproof painted mural and concrete floors

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