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Clear Waterproofing Membrane for Corporate Projects

People All Over The World Trust Remedial Membranes' Clear Waterproofing Membrane

Remedial Membranes understands that people are buying into multi residential buildings in less than ideal situations. Unfortunately, they may not know of it for a few years.

That's why Remedial Membranes has set up an interest free payment terms for large projects where the strata kitty may not be equal to the cost of the repair. We understand that the longer the water leaks continue, the higher the cost. Eventually comes a point where it will be exponentially more to repair the damage caused from the leak then to repair the original leak.

Corporate Case Study

Darren & Manual purchased two multi-million-dollar pent houses in Mornington, Australia.

The two penthouses shared the top story with the balcony totaling 500m2 with views on two sides to different water ways. The location and the views were breathtaking!

What they didn’t know is that the original builder went bust during the construction stage of their project. A second builder was brought in by the bank to complete the building in a cost-effective manner. Shortcuts to complete the project in a cost-effective manner meant that flashing and waterproofing were not installed behind the cladding. This left large gaps where water could gain access to very expensive timber flooring and bedroom furnishings.

Remedial Membranes was called in along with a secondary contractor to make the necessary repairs identified by the building consultant. This was over $200k in repairs. The strata kitty was not sufficient to cover the costs, and a special level was raised between the owners to cover the costs. Solicitors were involved on both sides and relationship soured.

(Please note: Names have been changed to protect identities)

Remedial Membranes Protects Your Building From Future Leaks

Sadly, these types of situations occur often, especially with Class 2 buildings where the builder up until recently has not even required home warranty insurance coverage. So when issues occur, home owners find themselves without coverage and footing the bill.

Building defects regarding water account for 2 of the top 5 positions listed in the building defect list each year. Remedial Membranes is happy to take the stress around this time away by offering interest free terms for the completion of large projects.

Do you have a large project that you would like to be considered for repair under an interest free payment term? If so, please contact us. Each job will be looked at individually and will be provided their own terms including a required deposit.

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