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Remedial Membranes is located in a Regional Town so far unaffected by Corona Virus. That being said we are taking every precaution to ensure that we can continue operating through these uncertain times.

We have moved inventory to our home office so even under the strictest closures we will be able to continue to dispatch your orders without issues. Only when the couriers which are part of Countries Essential Services cease will orders be affected.

If you have an order placed and the courier services close for an unlimited amount of time then we will happily refund your order no questions asked.

Free Help Desk support will continue through this time so maybe make good use of this downtime to fix an issue yourself!

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Preventative Maintenance – The Cheaper Option When Maintaining Your Home

Everything you do or don’t do will always cost you when it comes to your home and (although not particularly sexy) preventative maintenance always delivers cost savings. Sure, there’s the upfront money you have to put down but a rule of thumb goes that for every $1 you spend on maintenance you save up to $100 on future repairs. Making preventative maintenance up to 100 times cheaper!

Take a faulty tap washer for example. It will probably cost less than $5 to replace, an outlay that is significantly cheaper than the $200 you could end up paying over a year for the water lost from a quick drip tap.

Replacing a cracked external light fitting could cost up to $100, but compared to the cost of an electrical short and/or fire due to water getting in, — resulting in thousands of dollars in damage, or potentially the whole house needing to be rewired – it’s minimal. Such an event could even lead to electrocution and risk of death.

Remedial Waterproofing: Most Common Issues And Solutions To Them

Using the best construction materials does not alone ensure a building is going to stay strong for many years. There are many elements that work together to preserve a structure from threats that can affect its effectiveness, and waterproofing is one of them. If not done properly, then it results in leaks, mould and water damage. In addition, it can decrease the building’s value and make it unsafe. Before failed waterproofing becomes a serious threat, it is necessary for a home owner to hire remedial waterproofing specialist.

Remedial Waterproofing

The Use of Clear Waterproofing Membrane for Leaky Balcony Repair

Remedial Membranes was founded by experienced and highly-skilled tilers and water proofers who were tired of seeing homeowners gouged tens of thousands of dollars for simple leaky balcony repair. We decided to do something about it, and are proud to offer a complete solution: Clear Waterproofing Membrane, an innovative and affordable product designed to fully waterproof any affected area with a simple, user-friendly process.

Water Damage

Water damage can be incredibly difficult to combat, as it has an unbelievable ability to move from its original source to where we find evidence of it, meaning it can be hard to understand the root cause of the problem. More often than not, the problem can be far more extensive than previously anticipated.

Applying Clear Waterproofing Membrane over the entire area that causes difficulty ensures that seepage has stopped regardless of the water’s original source point, all the while maintaining original design and décor.

The Benefits of Remedial Membranes for DIY Leaky Shower Repair

Welcome to Remedial Waterproofing Specialists, a division of Remedial Membranes.

Water ingress in wet areas like balconies and showers is the number-one cost associated with home or building rectification work. It ends up costing a large amount of money, because people don’t know the correct way to approach the rectification. The number one reason the membrane fails is movement. This aspect alone would cover approximately 95% of failures, with design and workmanship covering the final 5%.

Typical Build Configuration

In the building industry we typically build a configuration with sub straight (typically consisting of concrete or FC sheeting laid over timber or steel frame), waterproofing, screed, then tiles. Sometimes the waterproofing can be installed over the screed as well.