Polished Concrete Walls

How to Create Beautifully Polished Surfaces

Do you have a small bathroom and want a polished concrete look, but are afraid of losing precious floor space? Are you renovating your own bathroom and want a polished wall finish?

Well, as usual, Remedial Membranes has the perfect answer to your needs. You can easily to do it yourself or, if you chose to call us in, we can offer you extremely competitive rates.

Be Creative

If you are renovating a surface it is most likely tiled — with waterproofing placed behind — so here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Fix battens to your vertical surface in line with your frame behind the wall. You are basically creating an extension of your existing framing.

Step 2: Once the battens are fixed through to the frame and secure, it’s now time to waterproof the area.

Step 3: With either FC Sheeting or Innex Board use a single sheet to cut from the floor to the ceiling. This will allow the sheet to take support from the floor and its adhesive.

Step 4: Place tape or adhesive on the full length of the batten in a swiggily line. This increases adhesion to the board.

Step 5: Wipe the back of the FC Sheeting or Innex board so it is free from dust, allowing for more effective adhesion. Press the board into place and continue until you have finished the entire room. Place the 2nd board as a butt joint to the previous board. Fix them both to half a batten for support.

Step 6: Use a matching colour Soudal Joint Adhesive to fill the joins between the sheets and the floor. If you use another flexible gap filler that isn’t Soudal you will need to coat the section with Soudal Clear prior to waterproofing. This will ensure compatibility with the Clear Waterproofing Membrane.

Step 7: Using a roller, put two coats of Clear Waterproofing Membrane over the boards to create a beautiful waterproof finish. Ensure the first coat of the membrane is touch dry prior to applying any second coat. Please note that the surface will appear darker when it is first applied before drying.

Get the Finish you Want

Recently designers are focusing on a minimalistic and industrial design for exposed polished concrete bathroom walls. It’s a finish that obviously looks great, but for your bathroom, how can you create polished concrete shower walls? Well, you now have the option to use Clear Waterproofing Membrane with gloss, satin or matte finishes. So, you can achieve the ideal look for your new polished concrete bathroom at a very reasonable cost.

Clear Waterproofing Membrane used to waterproof FC sheeting
Clear Waterproofing Membrane used to waterproof FC sheeting
Clear Waterproofing Membrane creates a look of polished concrete in an existing bathroom..... using FC sheeting
Image taken after first coat has been applied prior to drying
Waterproofing FC Sheeting Designer Bathroom