The Benefits of Remedial Membranes for DIY Leaky Shower Repair

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Welcome to Remedial Waterproofing Specialists, a division of Remedial Membranes.

Water ingress in wet areas like balconies and showers is the number-one cost associated with home or building rectification work. It ends up costing a large amount of money, because people don’t know the correct way to approach the rectification. The number one reason the membrane fails is movement. This aspect alone would cover approximately 95% of failures, with design and workmanship covering the final 5%.

Typical Build Configuration

In the building industry we typically build a configuration with sub straight (typically consisting of concrete or FC sheeting laid over timber or steel frame), waterproofing, screed, then tiles. Sometimes the waterproofing can be installed over the screed as well.

But the problem exists when we put the most delicate aspect (the waterproofing) in the middle of the configuration, which means when it fails we have to remove everything above to repair it, hence the cost and time can blow out, turning happy customers into unhappy customers.

So let’s look at the configuration again. The only aspect of the application that has failed is the waterproofing. The tiles above are fine and so is the screed. Now waterproofing, unlike other elements of building has a limited life of approximately 10 years (or sooner in our experience), so it’s not if it will fail but when?

How to Fix This Problem

When we approach the rectification work, we look at the system. Now, because the tiles look fine we don’t need to remove them, but we do need to create a water-tight system. So, after preparing the surface, which includes replacing tiles re-grouting, cutting in expansion joints, and cleaning for membrane adhesion, we then apply Remedial Membranes’ clear waterproofing membrane standard or VHF option over the tiles.

Benefits of Our Clear Waterproofing Membrane

  1. The membrane is clear so it has a limited impact on the surface
  2. It’s trafficable
  3. It allows the job to be completed in a fraction of the time it does to rip up and repair the whole space
  4. The cost is approximately 30% of the cost of rip up and redo
  5. In the event that the building experiences movement outside the membranes ability it makes it easy to repair without the need to remove tiles
  6. It has the longest warranty in the industry for movement.


Remedial Membranes’ clear waterproofing membrane was developed by tilers and waterproofers for tradesmen. The membrane is available to purchase for DIY leaky shower repair, but if you want someone to look after this from beginning-to-end and to provide a warranty then give us a call. We have a national reach of experienced and licensed tradesmen who’ve been trained on the application of the membrane. If you have a problem we are the solution. Call today to discuss your company’s options 1300 0 CLEAR or