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Join Us This Friday 1st April @ Mitre10 Port Macquarie from 6:30-8am!

With so much rain lately many homes are experiencing leaky balconies and/or the dreaded continuous leaky shower. These make up two of the main top three, main water-related claims lodged each year with home insurance companies and that’s WITHOUT the additional rain we’re experiencing. 

Why is this happening you may ask? When homes go through periods of dry and then long periods of wet, it can move the very foundations of the home, creating movement and wet areas to fail. Australia has been experiencing in full swing the la Nina weather system and record-breaking rain levels (well above 1 in 100 years) and are said to be remaining for approximately the next 5 years or so. This means that a balcony, even though it’s been installed correctly, could now need to be redone every 6 months (without it being a warranty issue) simply due to the membrane being installed under tiles and because of this, it can make them unable to be repaired. This USED to be the case, but now you can learn what can be done about repairing wet areas using an OVER-TILE waterproofing membrane, so regardless of if the weather makes the area move or not, you have the confidence that it’s waterproofed and it doesn’t mean bankruptcy for many trades!

Meet Remedial Membranes, the leading manufacturer for remedial waterproofing clear & flexible waterproofing membrane! We will be introducing our two best selling products – our Leaky Shower Repair Kit and Leaky Balcony Repair Kits, to trades in the Port Macquarie area. So come grab a bacon & egg roll and learn about some NEW products at Petrie’s MITRE10, Barton Cres, Port Macquarie this Friday 1st April from 6:30-8am. 

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Look forward to seeing you there!