Remedial Waterproofing: Most Common Issues And Solutions To Them

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Using the best construction materials does not alone ensure a building is going to stay strong for many years. There are many elements that work together to preserve a structure from threats that can affect its effectiveness, and waterproofing is one of them. If not done properly, then it results in leaks, mould and water damage. In addition, it can decrease the building’s value and make it unsafe. Before failed waterproofing becomes a serious threat, it is necessary for a home owner to hire remedial waterproofing specialist.

Remedial Waterproofing

What Are Some Most Common Waterproofing Issues?
Waterproofing failure is usually caused by 1 of 2 things;

  1. Movement
  2. When dealing with balconies we put the balconies into two categories;

    i. Framed construction, this is where a balcony is built with a frame support either timber or steel and;
    ii. Concrete, where the building is built with a concrete structure.

    Framed construction moves allot more than concrete and the movement is continuous over the entire surface, the older the building and the materials the more the movement.

    Concrete Construction moves a little after construction and then seems to settle.

  3. Workmanship error
  4. Workmanship errors only really account for less than 10% of leaking balconies but they can be caused by a number of things, incorrect choice of membranes for location, penetrations in membrane which can be small like a nail on the bottom of your shoe or large like balustrade holes not being correctly waterproofed after they have been cut in.

What Is The Solution To Waterproofing?
When most people get a leak in their balcony they think pipes, so most homeowners call in a Plumber or a Leak Detection Specialists to check the pipes are not leaking usually they are advised that the membrane has failed and they need to repair it. In most instances the tiles are in good condition as they are designed to last the life of the building so they don’t want to remove good tiles to get to a failed membrane so they consider Remedial Waterproofing and the use of an over tile waterproofing membrane. But of course, the balcony is used for entertaining so they don’t want a block colour over the balcony, they want the tiles to remain like they are so really the only way to achieve it is to use a Clear waterproofing Membrane.

Remedial Membranes has helpful installation video’s and guides to help DIYers through the process or you can simply contact one of the Accredited Installers to come and do the work for you.

Some more reasons to use Clear Waterproofing Membrane over tile waterproofing solution opposed to completely removing the balcony and redoing it again, include:

  • Using Clear Waterproofing Membrane as an over tile waterproofing solution through one of our Accredited Installers costs approx. 30% of the cost of rip up and redo the balcony.
  • Clear Waterproofing Membrane is an over tile waterproofing membrane meaning it is easily accessible and able to be patch repaired in required in the future.
  • We save you time and inconvenience. An application of Clear Waterproofing Membrane is done with next to no fuss inside a week opposed to having all the tiles, adhesive, waterproofing and screed removed prior to replacing all those components and usually for the issue to arise again in future and as the membrane is out of reach and cannot be repaired without going through the same process .

All leaks present a serious issue please contact Remedial Membranes Accredited Installers to see how we can save you time and money quickly so as not to incur further water damage.

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