4L Slip Resistant Kit – VHigh (24m2)

$605.00 AUD + GST

Suitable for internal and external surfaces. If the surface is porous then use Clear Waterproofing Membrane application for waterproofing porous surfaces.

Coverage: 24m2


4L Slip Resistant Kit includes:

1 x 4L Clear Waterproofing Membrane Part 1 (CWMP14L)
1 x 500ml Clear Waterproofing Membrane Part 2 (CWMP2500)
1 x Large bag or Slip Resistant Aggregate A
1 x Product Guide (GUIDE)

Coverage: Content of this kit is enough to do up to 1 x coats of 24m2 or 129ft2

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PLEASE NOTE: Rating is based on being applied to a smooth surface if you are applying the coating to an existing slip resistance surface or the surface is anything other than smooth you should increase the rating being used to achieve the same desired finish as it will have a self levelling effect and could minimise the Slip Rating achieved. For additional assistance please call the Help Desk 02 8012 7216

Additional information

Membrane finish

Gloss (standard), Satin, Matte


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