Buy Non-Slip Coating – Clear Slip Resistant Coating

You love the look of your new tiles. But after the first rain, you discovered, that they get pretty slippery when wet.

Not ideal, and a potential hazard. You even may become liable, if a guest slips on your tiles.

There are different ways to deal with slippery tiles or smooth concrete surfaces. Unfortunately, most of them are costly or change the look of your beautiful tiles.

The usual suggestions range from covering the area with rugs, floorboards, or foam pads.

Our clear slip-resistant Coating e is a better solution, and keeps your precious tiles visible.

And it works on concrete surfaces as well.

Purchase non-slip Nata Accredited tested coating from Remedial Membranes’ online shop and get rid of slippery tiles for a fraction of the price you pay for other solutions.

DIY Slip-Resistant Tile and Concrete Coating

Our slip-resistant tile and concrete coating solution is made with DIY for home owners in mind.

All Clear Waterproofing Membrane kits come with detailed instructions, and we have lots of instruction videos that show all steps to take from slippery to safe balcony or stairs. They are freely available on our website or YouTube. Nothing is hidden, so you can watch them before you buy.

We know, that you probably start most of your DIY projects on the weekend. That is why our helpdesk is available 7 days a week in case you get stuck while working on waterproofing your shower.

Remedial Membranes’ slip-resistant Clear Slip Resistant Coating is available in two sizes:

4L and 10L kits.

For each kit, you can choose between slip rating P3, P4, or P5.

The smaller, 4L slip-resistant kit is enough to cover a 24m2  area.

The bigger, 10L slip-resistant kit is enough to cover a 60m2 area.

Slip rating for Tiles

To help you choose the right slip rating for your tiles, here is an overview of what each slip rating means.

The higher the number, the lower is the risk to slip.

The decreased slip risk comes at a small price, though. The surface will be rougher and not as easy to clean as smooth tiles. Keep that in mind, and when selecting the rating.

Wet Pendulum Slip Rating P3

  • Moderate Slip Risk

Wet Pendulum Slip Rating P4

  • Low Slip Risk

Wet Pendulum Slip Rating P5

  • Very Low Slip Risk

You can use slip rating P3 for all areas, shower, tiled balcony or concrete deck. It provides a moderate slip resistance, but is still easy to clean.

In case you want more slip resistance, slip rating P4 is right for you. You accept, that the surface is a bit rougher and therefore harder to keep clean. The surface will look slightly cloudy. We recommend this rating for light to medium coloured tiles.

Slip rating P5 is for areas with a high risk to slip, like stairs or slopes. The surface will be rougher, and you will notice it in sunlight.

Slip Resistant Application Guide


Clear Slip Resistant Coating is specifically designed not to change in consistency, colour once cured. It has great long term track record with UV exposure and is classed as low yellowing.

Non-slip coating is the ideal solution for tiles and concrete floors with a too smooth surface. It is an easy paint-on solution to increase slip-resistance.

You can buy Remedial Membranes’ non-slip coating online or at listed distributors including Mitre10.

Yes, Remedial Membranes slip-resistant products have been tested by AWTA Product Testing. See the test results here:

P3 rating

P4 rating

P5 rating